It’s a great opportunity to see different spots and beaches from Mykonos in one day.First stop of our tour will be the lighthouse Armenistis witch stands at the northern and western part of the island above the homonymous cape. The lighthouse was build in 1891. The tower is 19 meters and focal height 184 meters.The area has wild beauty and offers panoramic views of Tinos island, Delos, Rineia and Aegean sea, so you can take images with a perfect backdrop witch will impress your friends and followers on Instagram. Next stop of our tour will be Platis Giallos, one of the most popular beaches of mykonos, attracted by the golden sand and crystal clear waters.We can enjoy a drink on the beach, take some pictures, and we continue to our final destination, Paraga Beach.There we will have our meal in a a very friendly environment with music, fresh sea food, local dishes, and greek wine. This day will be a real Mykonian experience you will never forget.

For more information, please reach out to us: +30 6948232583