• Do you want to avoid all the fuzz in the airport, the endless waiting hours, delayed flights, annoying security checks and waiting ques?
  • Do you want to travel safe, in private, in style and in the time of your convenience?
  • Or would you like to make a romantic day trip with the company of your choice?
  • Do you want to enjoy the magical breathtaking view of the Cyclades in the Aegean sea during the sunset from above?
  • Or Do you simply want to have the experience of a helicopter flight in the blue sky?

MLL can provide you with all these choices and many others. We guarantee that you will always be on time and in style. We offer helicopters, private jets through our executive jet charter services for both leisure travel or business in MLL's high quality, luxury and privacy.

From the beginning of your travel until the goodbye and see you again next year, our guests are relaxed and spend all their time enjoying pleasant experiences. You may enjoy the speed and ease of travelling on board one of our jets.

Enjoy your flight!

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